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Christian Family & Marriage Institute - CFAMI

One of the most important aspects of the development of the Free to Love Program is the training of Mentors. We want all Mentors to gain sufficient knowledge to be better instruments of the Lord in the mission of restoring and strengthening families.

For this reason we have created CFAMI; a training institute for Marriage and Family Mentors. CFAMI has been designed with the purpose of improving the level of training of Mentors, offering them training with fundamental knowledge and practical tools to work at a more demanding level and with evaluations that allow us to ensure the progress of each Mentor couple.

CCFAMI will function as a private and exclusive educational entity only for Free to Love Mentors around the world. This Institute is entirely virtual and all of its courses are submitted online at a totally accessible cost.

CFAMI has an alliance and counts with the full support of Florida Christian University to provide advanced and high-level knowledge that allows us to fulfill the mission with excellence and greater effectiveness.

Through the Institute, Mentors are formed in three levels of training: Associate Mentor, Advanced Mentor and Expert Mentor. Classes should be conducted as a couple, however, each couple can carry their own growth rate.

The main objective is to train Coaching and Mentor Experts at a family and marriage level, offering Pastors and community leaders the Mentor training service so they may work in their congregation or community.

We have a practical study plan, based on five basic areas:

  • Training in the appropriate use of the tools of the Free to Love Program.
  • The Word of God as the foundation with an emphasis on love as the essence of life.
  • Concept of mentoring, Mentor ethics and leadership.
  • Knowledge of basic counseling techniques.
  • Advanced tools of human behavior and counseling.

All couples who successfully complete the Free to Love Seminar and are interested in teaching the Seminar, must register in CFAMI and take the Basic Mentor Training, which is the Mentor Manual. To become Certified Mentors, they must then take the 21 additional classes at the Associate Mentor level.

Couples will have 1 year from the date of enrollment in CFAMI to complete the Associate Mentor level and remain as Active Mentors in the International Free to Love organization.

The cost of tuition is per couple.
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