About Us

We are a Christian-based Foundation created to help strengthen and restore Marriages and Families.

This organization is interdenominational and we support all community and religious organizations.

Our manuals and the entire program have solid biblical foundation, as well as some knowledge of modern psychology and the experience of many successful marriages.

Pastores Luis Alberto and
Hannia Fernandez

Family Counseling Graduates and Experts in matters of marriages and families. They are a couple with 40+ years of marriage and founders of the International Free to Love Ministry with a network of trained Mentors around the world working for the restoration of marriages and families. They are also international speakers recognized in these subjects.

Our Objective

To support Pastors and community leaders by helping them form and train work teams that can develop the entire program to strengthen and restore marriages around the world.

Currently, there are Mentors trained in different countries and cities worldwide, sharing the tools of the Free to Love Program and united through the International Network of Mentor Leaders of Marriages and Families of the Free to Love Foundation.

All programs, conferences, seminars, workshops and other resources are supported by Florida Christian University and are available to churches of any denomination, as well as community organizations and groups. 

Declaration Of Faith

a. We believe in love, forgiveness, simplicity, transparency, humility, and service as fundamental principles of life.

b. We believe in the Bible as the Manual of Life that God our Heavenly Father has left us to guide our lives.

c. We believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God, our Lord and Savior.

d. We believe in the Holy Spirit as a person of the Trinity, who empowers us to form a Principle-based character in our lives.

e. We believe in Family as God designed it, a man and a woman, and children; united in love, the way God intended.

f. We are totally against domestic violence, abortion and homosexual relations.

g. We are against divorce and believe that it is not necessary in the vast majority of cases.

h. We believe in the restorative power of the Love of God in marriages and families.

i. We believe in the scientific training of Marriage and Family Mentors, which will prepare them better to fulfill the mission with excellence.

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Invest in the Lives of Families Like Yours

For more than 15 years, Libres Para Amar has been fostering love, forgiveness and unity through our programs: LPA Seminar, Renova2 and Parent Workshop among others.

We are a national non-profit organization and your gift will be wisely spent to make an impact. families around the world.

Your support to this Foundation will help to restore and strengthen Marriages and Families in many places in the world.

Healthy marriages produce healthy families and a healthier society.

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